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4th Floor Ellen Skelton Building

3076 Sir Francis Highway,

Road Town, Tortola

British Virgin Island


Lim Shrimp Organization (LSO) with a BVI registered company no. 1433257 and its linked predecessor has a track record of > 30 years serving numerous Governments and Private Enterprise.


Plan, design, built, operated the World’s largest Integrated Shrimp farm (40,000 hectares with 1 million livelihood created directly & indirectly) for 20 years (1987 –2007).


LSO is backed by few hundreds of Professional Engineers, Architect, Managers, Doctors, Aquaculturistfrom all over the world that have the same goal in eradicating poverty and creating livelihoods.


Always on the forefront of technology (China most high tech farm since 2000).


1st to Introduced Pacific White Shrimp to Asia (Indonesia, Philippines, China).


LSO expertise includes Town Planning, Design, Engineering, Aquaculture, Management, Operation, Infrastructure, Logistic, Cold Chain, Value Added Processing, Marketing.


LSO is a Registered Consultant with World Bank and IFC.

Room 924-925 Building A2 Tianhe
Vanke Wisdom Park Guangzhou



No22, Xibiankeng street, XiaoXinTang,

TianHe district, Guangzhou, china


Aquaculture and Agriculture development is the fastest-growing food production sector in the world. For the first time in history, the consumption of farmed fish and vegetables  has exceeded that of wild-caught fish and traditional vegetable  and by 2030, aquaculture is expected to account for two-thirds of the fish and vegetables  that humans consume. This increased demand has put a strain on resources and sustainable practices among fisheries and agriculture , leaving room for improved sourcing. There is great potential to produce this protein source sustainably, particularly through the advent of technology.



Aquaculture / Hydroculture

  • Technologies & Options
  • System Design & Supply
  • Equipment Manufacture
  • Greenhouses Design & Build
  • Farm Management & Training


Value Added Operations

  • Cool Room & Processing Facilities
  • Algae Production Technologies
  • Fish Oil, Fish Meal & Feed Production
  • Sourcing, Supply Equipment & Resources