TRANSERVE SINGAPORE PTE LTD was established 1977 providing customized engineering solutions. We have an in-house multidisciplinary team, project management, engineering design, cost control, documentation, procurement & logistics, fabrication and site installation & commissioning. Technical, instrumentation and/or accommodation modules for SAFE and/or Hazardous Areas in marine vessels, FPSOs, wellhead platforms & rigs. We are contractor experience in hotels & resorts, jetties, modular buildings & widespan steel & tensile fabric structures. Our portfolio is diversified and covers the Petrochemical, Mining, Fishery, Hospitality, Construction, Marine & Offshore industries.



TRANSERVE CABINS PTE LTD offer Sale and Rental of portable & containerized Accommodation Cabins. Our cabins are built to withstand the toughest use, whether in the remotest desert of Australia or on the deepest seas off Asia. They can be furnished including radio & communication rooms, offices, sleeper/ baths, reefers & chillers, dry stores, cold rooms, dining, kitchen & recreation areas. Products include FRP Cabins, Container Cabins, Blast Rated Modules, Offshore Living Quarters & Purpose-Built Cabins. Our units are available for local or export use, and can be customized to client requirements.





TRANSERVE (B) SDN BERHAD, located in Kuala Belait, west of Seria at the centre of an 
oil field with offshore wells. The town is on the coastal road that runs eastward to Seria and Bandar Seri Begawan and westward to Miri, in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Our products & services aim to develop local content & help build local capabilities & facilities for the Marine & Offshore Industry. 






The Short term Projects for Shell E & P Malampaya has allowed us to build up a team ready to support platform upgrading projects.

The Medium term provides resources to support the Latin American Operations.

The Long term plan should support Philippines development for infrastructure, social & economic development.  





PT TRANSERVE INDONESIA, located in Jakarta, is the hub for all of our programs and projects throughout the archipelago. With a strong background in the Oil and Gas industry, Indonesia has been a long-term market for Transerve products and services. As Indonesia emerges from the pandemic period of 2020 to 2021, PT Transerve Indonesia is finding renewed demand for our comprehensive suite of engineering services to help launch the country towards a brighter future.